Move Management Services

Moving into a new home can be stress-free and an almost enjoyable experience – with The Perfect Plan™! We create a customized relocation plan designed to handle every detail necessary to complete the transition into your new home.


Although the nuts and bolts of moving require our expert packing and unpacking/complete home set-up services, that isn’t nearly half of what we are able to provide you and your family during the move process. Our caring and knowledgeable staff of event planners and professional organizers will coordinate and manage the entire move process for you – from hiring a qualified mover to arranging for grandfather clock calibration or packing your most precious belongings.


Our extensive list of cost-effective services is offered to you ala carte – all customized to meet your needs because every move is unique. Just a few of the best-selling services we provide include:


No time to weed through years of ‘stuff’ you’ve been collecting? We can help you clear out the clutter before your move, and then carefully organize and pack your belongings. This saves you time and money since you won’t be moving old, unwanted items and makes unpacking easier! After consulting with you, our packing and organizing service will:

  • Identify and dispose of unwanted items.
  • Purchase required packaging materials.
  • Carefully pack belongings so they are safe and well organized.


Where to begin? Our packing service allows you to live comfortably before your move date – because we arrive the day before you move, provide all necessary packing materials to ensure the safety of your belongings, and pack you up in just a few short hours!

We gingerly wrap and pack your belongings in an organized fashion that makes the unpacking process a breeze! Eliminate some stress of the moving process and have us do your packing for you.

Packing in Progress 2

Unpacking & Complete Home Set-Up

Arriving to your new home after the moving company has left and dealing with mountains of boxes spread throughout the house can leave you stressed and wondering where to begin. Our staff will carefully unpack and wipe each item clean, tastefully set-up and organize your new home, and even make up the beds – all without you having to lift a finger! Let The Perfect Plan™ quickly help you make your new house a home! Our professional organizers will:

  • Unpack and clean each item.
  • Set-up and organize your home.
  • Maximize living space.

Moving Company Selection

Floor Planning

Professional House Cleaning of Home for Closing

The Perfect Plan™ delivers a smooth relocation by a team of organized professionals that provide advance problem-solving and creative thinking.


We’ll keep your move on schedule, and more importantly – on budget. We are always available to answer questions, make recommendations and investigate possibilities.


For many, the task of implementing a move is overwhelming, time-consuming, and tiresome! Take the stress out of moving, and let The Perfect Plan™ do the work for you! It’s the best move you can make!

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