Moving Preparation Tips

  • Contact The Perfect Plan™, your move managers, about 6-8 weeks before you intend to move – we will create the perfect move plan for you!
  • Start early!! The longer you wait to begin your move preparation process, the more costly your move will be and you will have fewer options.
  • Do a floor plan for your new home. A floor plan will help you visually see what furniture will fit into your new space – The Perfect Plan™ can do this for you with creativity and an organized eye!
    • Begin the sorting process for things you intend to downsize. Call The Perfect Plan™ to help sort and make the best recommendations for your unwanted items: auction, antique dealer, consignment, charity, or items of non-value. We’ll help you make the most money for your sellable belongings, and we do not profit from the sale of your belongings.
    • Dispose of your unwanted items through appropriate channels.
    • Will your family come to remove your unwanted items?  If so, give them a deadline.
  • Contact a realtor. Put your home up for sale at least 2-3 months before you intend to move. Give yourself at least 1-2 weeks between your move date and the closing of the home you are departing. The Perfect Plan™ can help you select the right realtor for you!
  • Eat most of the food in your pantry and refrigerator. We recommend that you not shop in bulk purchases until after you move.
  • Plan on giving away many of your houseplants. Most movers won’t take them so you’ll have to hand-carry the rest in your car.
  • Notify the post office and utilities of your move. Do your ‘change of address’ notices for all mail, newspapers, and magazines.
  • Pre-Pack some of your valuables: computer, silver, jewelry. Most people prefer to hand-carry these items, so be sure those boxes are clearly labeled for hand-carrying.
  • Arrange for a pet-sitter. Pets get stressed on move day too. Plan on taking them to a friend’s house or putting them in the kennel for a day – it’ll be the best place for them.
  • Prepare for your moving day:
    • Keep all moving paperwork organized together; keep all home sale and home purchase paperwork together.
    • Pack an overnight bag with one change of clothes, toiletries, medications, checkbook, glasses, keys (and a can-opener if you have a pet that eats canned food).
  • Make arrangements to have lunch with family or friends on move day – and leave the details to us!! Moving day is hectic and fast-paced, along with dangerous as moving men are carrying your furniture. Why not enjoy the day and arrive at your new home well-rested?

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